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Are you willing and able to help me with any of the following?

I don't need or expect any one person to do all of this, but if you would like to help me by doing even one of these things, that would be fantastic, and I would appreciate it very much.

No experience necessary! Perfect English not necessary!

  • Proofreading:
    • catching spelling errors
    • catching grammar errors
    • catching canon or factual errors

  • Describing your emotional reaction to a fic

  • Characterization:
    • how do the characters come across
    • do their actions and reactions make psychological sense
    • are they in character

  • Phrasing and dialog:
    • is it understandable
    • does it flow or is it awkward
    • does the dialog sound like something real people would say

  • Structure:
    • is the plot working
    • are the character arcs working
    • does the story move at a good pace
    • are there thin spots that need fleshing out
    • are there parts of the fic that seem to serve no purpose

  • Theme:
    • do you see any point the fic is making
    • could that point be made more clearly
    • could that point be made with more subtlety
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